Year: 2021

Director: Anton Sigurdsson

Cast: Anna Maiche, Anna Marie Dobbins, Michael Simon Hall, Adam Dorsey

Writer: Anton Sigurdsson

Country: Iceland / USA / UK


Starring Anna Maiche from Netflix original series Tiny Pretty Things 

Bradley is a Sociology professor at a local college who lives a double life. He secretly lures women from his classroom to kidnap and imprison them in his secluded home on the outskirts of town. When Bradley gets bored with the women or they have served their purpose he kills them. The longest survivor is a woman named Jennifer. She has developed Stockholm’s syndrome after years of captivity and is fueled on her basic instinct to survive.

Bradley’s newest “trophy” is Hailey, very bright student and a strong, somewhat rebellious character. When kidnapped, Hailey finds herself in a sometimes supportive and sometimes competitive relationship with Jennifer. Meanwhile, in a scrapyard in another part of town a worker discovers the remains of a woman who has been tortured and brutally murdered. Arriving to take the case is detective Darren Hawk – a sharp, intelligent cop who follows the evidence and soon starts suspecting Bradley. Will Hawk find the women before Bradley decides to kill again? And how far one would go to survive even if it contradicts rational thinking?



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