Release Year: 2019

Director:  Olga Gorodetskaya

Cast: Elena Lyadova (Leviathan), Vladimir Vdovichenkov (Leviathan), Evgeniy Tsyganov (Leviathan)

Writers: Olga Gorodetskaya, Anna Starobinets

Country: Russia

Wide Theatrical release in Russia by 20 Century FOX – Q1 2019

A story by an accomplished horror writer Anna Starobinets - winner of the 2018 European Science Fiction Award (ESFS) in the nomination “Best Writer”.


Four years after the disappearance of their son, a couple adopts a young boy. Strangely, over time the orphan begins to resemble their lost son more and more. While mother believes the boy to be their lost son, father is certain that their son is long dead, and they’ve adopted something sinister.

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