Director: Aleksandr Mindadze (Roar, Innocent Saturday, My Good Hans)

Writer: Aleksandr Mindadze (Plumbum, Sluga, A Play for a Passenger)

Cinematographer: Oleg Mutu (Four Months, Three Weeks and Two Days, Gentle Creature, United States of Love)

Cast: Agata Kulesza (Ida, Cold War), Evgeniya Dodina (One Week and a Day), Andrzej Chyra (In the Name Of)

Country: Russia / UK / Poland / Romania

Delivery: Q3 2020

A new film by one of the most critically acclaimed Russian writer/directors Aleksandr Mindadze.


A story of one male and two female ex-dancers who meet at their dance club gala event 25 years after their split up. Now middle-aged, they see this opportunity as their last chance to re-live their youth and to re-ignite their past love.

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