Year: 2023

Director: Natalie Cisarovska

Cast: Natalia Germani, Denisa Baresova, Cyril Dobryu

Writers: Aneta Honzkova, Natalie Cisarovska

Country: Czechia / Slovakia




Andrea wins the national diving championship and is on course for the Atlanta Olympics when a serious injury ends her sports career. Her parents and sister Lucie, who is also an elite diver, are at a loss to imagine a bright future for her. But Andrea refuses to play invalid and is quick to jump out of bed and take off her neck brace. She is enraged that under the circumstances, her coach has moved on and sees no point in taking her back.

When Andrea discovers her photographer boyfriend works in the porn industry, she wastes no time asking him to take her along to work, where she agrees to do everything that is asked of her. Andrea is soon able to move out of the athlete's housing she shared with her sister and set off on her own. Her new life is anchored in a circle of colleagues who are also party animals. Her reputation soon reaches across the Atlantic.

Her father cannot understand how she could take up a career so far outside of her upbringing. This even as her mother is pleased with the espresso maker Andrea brings home and is happy that despite the shame she brings to the family, at least her daughter is making money. She posits that there will always be time later to settle down and start a family. Andrea is puzzled that her mother holds onto such a dream. Then fate opens a surprising new road ahead for her.