Genre: Fantasy/Children

Director: James Newton

Cast: Harry Jarvis (High Strung: Free Dance), Ella-Rae Smith (The Commuter, Into the Badlands), Alhaji Fofana (Screwball!), Keith Allen (Eddie The Eagle)

Country: UK

Running time: 85 min

Written by Roland Moore - creator of the award-winning BBC series Land Girls and

Starring 2017 Children BAFTA winner Alhaji Fofana


When Tim, a 15yr old budding graffiti artist, and his two best friends Vic and Alf, bunk off from a school trip at the Natural History Museum, they stumble into a Press Conference being held by Lena Eidelhorn, a mad Scientist who is unveiling her latest invention, The Vitalitron.

The Vitalitron is capable of predicting the time of death of any living creature and when Tim sneaks inside, he discovers he only has two hours left to live. Chased across London by tabloid journalists Tooley and Graves, Tim and his friends agree on a bucket list that will cram a lifetime into the next two hours. Meanwhile, Lena makes plans to ensure that the Vitalitron’s prophecy becomes true no matter what…