Year: 2020

Director: Maria Ignatenko

Cast: Vadik Korolyov, Lyudmila Duplyakina, Dmitry Kubasov

Writer: Maria Ignatenko

Country: Russia




Victor is out at sea. He is in his cabin when another crew member tells him there is a phone call for him. Victor clearly hears the voice on the phone say, “Your wife is dead.” Yet he still he screams into the receiver, “I can’t hear what you’re saying!” Victor gets off the ship and travels for two days without sleeping to the hospital in his home city. When the doctor finishes talking, Victor turns away and listlessly looks out the window. Everything suddenly zooms in on him. Victor walks outside. Everything is motionless. The entire city seems to have fallen into a slumber, but everyone in it breathes, snores and mutters in their deep sleep. The sleeping city is like a nightmare whose listless characters and still-life scenes have intertwined with Victor’s memories of his lost love Victor sets out wandering through this sleeping realm in search for somebody, anybody, who is on his side of reality. And he finds someone.